Just want to say once again what a pleasurable experience it has been working with you and your crew. I am over the top pleased, and am impressed with the high level/ quality craftsmanship your crew performed to install the new furnace and air conditioning unit in this 1923 old house.

My husband & I can’t thank you enough.

– Dave and Sabra Snow

Last weekend we had friends from Estacada stay with us. He has sold large heating and plumbing systems for quite a few years. He looked at our new heating and cooling system that you installed and went on for about an hour about what a great job you had done. He pointed out several areas that he said had been done in the most excellent manner possible. He said it was probably the best job he had ever seen and none of the shortcuts were made that were usually done by other contractors. He said, in Portland, such a job would cost several thousand dollars more. We were pleased to receive such a positive inspection from an unbiased, yet knowledgeable source. Thanks for doing such a great job. (This is from Oregon Equipment’s archives, but our work remains top notch.)

– Shannon and Terry Hess

We have dealt with this company for a long time and have never had anything but excellence from the entire staff.

– Sherry Munro

Estimator was very informative and courteous.
Installers were neat, efficient, friendly and courteous.

– Don Cael

Hi Ron! I spoke with you yesterday on the phone!

I just wanted to share how very pleased I have been with the service I have received from Oregon Equipment Company.
Our furnace went out in the winter of 2009 and we purchased a new one from Oregon Equipment. It was during an extremely cold winter in Hood River, OR and while Oregon Equipment was extremely busy during that time, they made my problem a priority for them.
The following winter, that furnace had problems and quit working. Oregon Equipment was at our home the same day I called them. It took many visits to our home to work on the furnace to determine the actual problem and Oregon Equipment once again never stopped until they resolved the problem.
The problem was not one that was their fault but a faulty part on the furnace. Deano, the technician, called me on weekends, evenings, even a holiday to be ensured that my furnace was working and that I was not without heat. He even gave me his personal cell phone number and told me I could call 24/7 to him personally and he would come out! He lived 30 miles east
of where I am! That is service!
After countless troubling shooting trips to my house to work on the furnace, Deano was successful!! We were never ONCE billed for all of his trips. And when all was said and done, I once again received a call personally from Deano to make sure all was in working order.
I would HIGHLY recommend Oregon Equipment Company to anyone for their heating or cooling needs.

– Barbara Cooper